The House of Daharoum

The House of Daharoum

The House of Daharoum is an expansive noble house which has had to its credit at least two kingdoms, multiple duchies, earldoms, and baronies spread far and wide. Not to mention the countless knights, counts and lesser lairds. Once it was seemingly an unstoppable political force, but those days have long since passed.

Now the house has fallen in stature. Various wars, political coups, and the ‘thinning of the blood’, a reference to how large the family had become, and at least one incident with a devil cult scandal, has rendered the main branch something of a relic; and the numerous lesser branches long ago married their way into more current alliances. Those who still bear the name do so largely because they have little better going for them, relying on the faded power, and moreso the remaining prestige the name carries.

They are centered largely around (Old lands of newish state), and are not so secretly fractured internally, with rampant in-fighting for control of the house; a problem that dates back to the days of its heights.


The house coat of arms is Or, sun toward sinister sanguine, arrowhead pheon sable.

House Motto


Neither flowery nor long, the house motto of Advance dates back to the house’s beginnings. It is said that the first of the Daharoum was a military commander overseeing a reserve force, and who in the face of retreating and routed allied forces gave one simple command: Advance. His forces held off an enemy charge that would have otherwise destroyed the routed army, buying them time to reform and return to the field, wherein they were victorious. The commander was granted lands and titles of nobility as a reward for his decisive actions.

The House of Daharoum

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