House Rules

Feat Chains

We will be using feat chains. Described here.

Addition Chains
These chains are acceptable as feat chains even though they are not direct prerequisite of each other.

Skill Focus > Signature Skill

Scribe Scroll > Brew Potion or Craft Wondrous Item or Inscribe Rune > Craft Magic Arms and Armor or Craft Wand or Craft Wand or Inscribe Magical Tattoo > Forge Ring > Craft Rod > Craft Staff or Brew Fleshcrafting poison
(Craft Construct, Craft Ooze and Grow Plant Creature can be taken in a chain from their prerequisite feats but dead end afterwards)

Technologist>Craft Tech Item>Craft Tech Arms and Armor>Craft Pharma or Cybernetics

Extra Channel or Turn Undead or Command Undead or Improved Channel > Feat requiring just Channel Feature > Requires Channel 3d6 – 5d6 > Requires Channel 6d6 – 8d6

Metamagic +0/+1 > Metamagic +2 > Metamagic +3/+4

Ability Score Increases

You gain +1 to TWO different stats when you gain an ability bonus.

Max Healing

Out of combat, healing spells and items that require a caster (i.e. wands/staves) will be considered to have rolled the maximum possible on all dice rolled.


Jingasa Of The Fortunate Soldier returns to its pre-errata form… because the nerf was just dumb.

House Rules

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