The Guild of Dangerous Intent

61c96ca4dc9ffa9464ff024c6b265b36.jpgThe Guild of Dangerous Intent. Not many people linger around the curious door in the docks district labeled such. The people of the city of Threshold have little need to invite danger onto themselves. Still, there are some, so desperate or determined, who seek to inquire within.

Guild History

The Guild has existed within the walls of the city for as long as anyone can remember, and is something of a open secret. This is tolerated because the cost the guild extracts is rarely considered worth it, and the guilds rules and presence has served the ruling nobles of the city well.

As such the guild has more or less existed as it is for a considerable amount of time, working primarily abroad, but occasionally taking contracts on those within the city, with the notable exception of the royal family. It is suggested by some that the two are linked in some way, but others aware of its existence simply shrug it off; the guild might be tolerated as is but if it were to take aim so high, well, there wouldn’t be anywhere safe within the city for them to remain.

The guild also keeps the likes of serial killers, mass murderers, and less professional assassins out of the city, which is seen as a beneficial side effect for allowing them their home in the city.

Guild Rules

The guild is tolerated in part because they adhere to a strict code of conduct.


assassin-s-creed-fighters-guild-ring.jpgMembership in the guild is difficult to attain for most, the easiest way many have found to gain entry is for it to be the price of a contract. Others might be scouted by existing guild members and presented as a potential recruit, and others still might pull off something so audacious and cleverly done that the guild sends them an invite. Somehow the guild is always aware of successful murders within the city.

I. A Contract Cannot Be Broken

If a contract is accepted by an assassin, the contract must be carried out. It only ends if the assassin, or the target is dead.

II. Kill With Skill

The guild is not thugs and murderers, all steps must be taken to ensure a quick and efficient kill, with minimal collateral damage.

This particular rule plays a large part in the internal guild prestige, those who manage to eliminate targets without being seen, in very secure locations, and in particular if it looks like an accident or natural causes, earns great favor and prestige within the organization.

III. We Are Of Threshold

The guild will not accept contracts that would significantly weaken the city itself. Threshold is their sanctuary and home, it must be guarded.

Other Oaths

Though there are many rumors of additional rules that range from devil-worship to cannibalism, no one knows what other rules bind the guild, though there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest they are followers or somehow bound to some power.


Unlike traditional assassin’s guilds the cost exacted by the guild is unusual, even at times bizarre. Legends and myths has the cost ranging from a lifetime of servitude as a guild member, souls, first-born children, and worse, to a three sided coin, a left boot, the tears of a mother, and other seemingly random and worthless items.

The Guild of Dangerous Intent

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