A small town in a broad valley with rolling farms and pastures surrounding it; Suncliff is one of the more famous towns of Harenariae, owing to its namesake and the Dwarfed Tower that stands beneath. The nearby river allows for some relatively easy access to trade goods helps as well. Still few outside of the region would have heard of it. 

N Small Town
Corruption –0; Crime -1; Economy -1; Law -1; Lore +0; Society +1
Qualities: Defiant, Rural
Danger: -5
Government: Autocracy
Population: 800 (500 humans, 100 Elves, 100 half-elves, 100 others)
Notable NPCs
Lord: Milo Sunshield (NG male human fighter 6)
Matriarch of the Dawnflower: Kelli the Compasionate (NG female human cleric 9)
Cantankerous Arcanist: Stephan the Brittle (N male Wizard 5/Vizier 1)
Base Value 1,000 gp; Purchase Limit 5,000 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6; Major Items


The Suncliff is a large steep hill that sits just to the north of the town. Small bushes and tenacious trees sporadically dot the rocky sides of the hill up to its crest about 80 feet above the town. However it doesn't stop there. From the center of the crest protrudes a shaft of limestone, vaguely cylindrical, that shoots up another 60 or so feet. This white cliff face is the highest point for leagues in any direction. No hill nor tree comes close to matching its height, so it is the first thing in sight the dawnlight touches every day. 
The site is considered sacred to Sarenrae. Every summer solstice before the dawn, the faithful from all over the region come to the Suncliff to greet the dawn. One young devotee is chosen every year to scale the shear rock and announce the first light coming over the horizon and offer a brief prayer. Once the climber returns to the bottom of the hill, the celebration of the Sunwrought Festival can begin. 


The Dwarfed Tower is an ancient structure built of dark stones placed adjacent to the Suncliff on the hills southwestern side. In face the tower is built in an indent on the hill meaning it is surrounded by steep slopes on three of its sides. This makes it highly defensible since the only viable direction of attack is from the west. The tower itself stands what would be an impressive 6 stories if it were not for the must larger natural promontory that overshadows it. It is now the home of Milo Sunshield, the Lord of Suncliff. 


The ancient history of Suncliff is unknown. The building of the Dwarfed Tower is a much debated subject but beyond its antiquity all is just idle speculation. Some claim it was built by a powerful wizard; others as a tomb for a vampire lord; and some claim it is the last remains of a clan of dwarves that chiseled a great mountain down to what is the Suncliff today. What is known is that for the past few centuries the tower and cliff were inhabited by a steady stream of monstrous creatures. The last was only 20 years ago, a juvenile green dragon who been terrorizing whatever villages and farms were within his flight range. That was until a band of adventures, lead by a brash fighter named Milo, decided to put a stop to it. 
While the dragon may have been young, her horde was still vast. It even included a magical shield bearing a sunburst symbol which produced Milo's secondary moniker. Milo however had seen enough adventure for his lifetime and decided that Suncliff, now cleared of its draconic issues, was the perfect place to settle down and start a farm. He spent lavishly from his share of the dragon treasure to have materials, livestock, and crops shipped to his new farmstead that he built on the western side of the hill, not far from the recently vacated tower. 
Others heard about the new farmstead of the former adventurer and some young families from around the region, ready to strike out on their own, decided that living next to a dragon slayer might not be a bad idea. This proved fortuitous as Milo was not nearly as good a farmer as he was an adventurer. Still his neighbors were gracious with their own surplus keeping Milo around for his other talents. In face, barely 5 years after settling, as an act of self defense against another ox breaking down a poorly built fence and trampling their fields, the community as Milo to put down the shovel and pick up the rod of governance, naming him Lord of Suncliff. 
Milo it turns out was quite good at ruling and Suncliff prospered and grew. It helped that a decade ago he was joined again by his former adventuring companion, the also retired Kelli the Compassionate. The cleric used her own considerable wealth to build a temple to the Dawnflower out of the finest marble she could find. Between Milo's insightful leadership and Kelli's gentle support Suncliff grew swiftly into the small town it is today and continues to grow every year. 


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