Character Creation

Level Advancement

Characters Start at level 3 and with 2 traits and the campaign trait. Standard starting gold for characters beyond first level plus their campaign trait bonus. Medium XP advancement. Characters get max hp at first level then roll for each level; retraining is possible. 

Ability Scores

Method: Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die six times assigning scores in order.  Re-roll any one ability score taking the best of the two.  Then switch any two scores. 

Re-rolling: If the total of your ability score modifiers is not +3 or better you may discard your rolls and start again. If your total is +3 or more and you are not satisfied with your ability scores you may roll new stats but for each set of stats you roll you must fully create a character with those stats. Characters created in this fashion that the player is not using as his character should be turned over to me to use as I see fit. If you use the stats to create one of the following I don't need a backstory:

  • 6th level male human fighter (or equivalent marshal class)
  • 9th level female human cleric of Sarenrae  
  • 4th level rogue (or equivalent)
  • 6th level tiefling (5 Wizard/1 Vizier (crafter path))
  • 5th level ranger (not urban)

Otherwise Every character must be a fully developed level 2 character.

Allowed/Banned Materials

Unchained classes must be used over the original class where available. Archetypes and other alternate class features that need tweaking should be run by me. 

If it is third party or an alternate system ask. Setting is a custom setting using Golarion gods with early/emerging firearms. If a choice requires the addition of something to the setting (a guild, a religious order, etc) talk with me to establish it. I retain veto power over anything that doesn't fit in the setting but will try and work with you to adjust it. You will be set in a relatively small town with hilly grasslands and forested regions the dominate surrounds. Please consider this when choosing your character's abilities.  

List of so far approved materials and optional systems:

  • Variant Multiclassing
  • Downtime Systems
  • Vazier from Dreamscarred Press for NPCs only 
  • Nobles of Porphyra (with adjustments)

Banned List

  • Summoners

Campaign Trait 

Each character starts with the following Trait:
Lordly Spare – You are a lesser descended from a noble (but not royal) family in Anguigena. You don't stand to inherit either land nor title so took what largess your family granted you and became an adventure. You have joined up with a group of similar friends to make your names and fortunes in the adventuring company The Lordly Spares. You start with an extra 750gp worth of equipment and you automatically gain the Leadership feat at 5th level. Your cohort may gain levels up to 1 level lower than your character. You may at the time you receive the feat choose an attribute to use in place of Charisma to determine your Leadership score. This decision is permanent and can not be changed. 


Character Creation

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