Teukros de Domo Nemorivagum

Archer Warpriest of Erastil


Teukros is a tall man with hair the color of tree bark and eyes to match. He has a permanent 5 o’clock shadow but never seems to need to shave it. When shooting a bow his pupils will dilate. This little quirks are the only external signs of his minor divine heritage.


Born third son of the Duke de Domo Nemorivagum; the mixed celestial blood of his forefathers shined through in Teukros’s early life. Teukros matured slowly as is common for an Aasimar child but this caused him to often seek solitude. Traveling the ancient forests that surround his family’s ancestral lands, Teukros quickly became self-reliant. He would spend days or even weeks away from home. Eventually on his 25th birthday his family decided the best way to deal with his wanderings was to put them purpose. Teukros was fostered to the Temple of Erastil.

The commitment to Old Deadeye was not one Teukros resented. Among the archer’s followers he found like minded individuals who talk him the practical skills all Erastil’s clergy are expected to know. For 20 years Teurkros was apprenticed to various priests of the church each who taught something different. Teurkros learned ethics, tracking, marksmanship, oratory, and many other skills during this period. Also his personality evolved into the no-nonsense practical minded but deeply devoted one he still maintains.

After his apprenticeship Teukros enrolled in the “Forest House.” This guild of divinely gifted woodsmen taught Teukros how accept his god’s blessing and channel the power he was given. It was here that Teukros began the true path of a warpriest. Forest House however did not provide the final impetuous for his life of adventuring. Tragedy would provide that.

While traveling to tend to a small farming village at the foot of the western mountains, Teukros came upon a group of orcs. He told them they were not welcome in the borders of the land and they should retreat to the mountains. He treated them with respect and kindness as he was taught to and they went supposedly back to their dens. Unfortunately the orcs proved treacherous. They double backed in the night and sacked the farming village Teukros was suppose to be aiding. When he arrived in the morning he found the men butchered, the animals slaughtered, the women raped and the food stores stolen.

Teukros put aside his rage to help those who survived and move them a another village where they could recover. Then he went on the hunt. He tracked down the orc raiders and demanded an apology and recompense. When he was rejected he killed them to a man. It was then that he devoted himself complete to the marshal aspect of Erastil and sought to be a protector of the faithful as an Arsenal Chaplain.

Shortly after he met up with the other Lordly Spares. Seeing their call to adventure as a means to fulfill his own calling he joined up. Ready to devote himself to his companions and aid the communities they are traveling through.

Teukros de Domo Nemorivagum

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